Week 1: Figuring Things Out

After closing on the house on Friday July 21st, Levi and I took a week off work to accomplish (what we soon realized as a very ambitious) to do list.

Step one was clearing out some of the junk the previous homeowners left behind. We tossed a rusted outdoor table set, a broken wheelbarrow, and went to toss this plastic table before we realized there was a massive hornet’s nest underneath. Luckily, we made it away relatively unharmed – though I did get stung in the back.

Plastic table left by the previous owners – the hornet’s nest was a fun surprise

We also started clearing things off the wall. The previous homeowners had around a hundred ceramic wall decorations in every inch of the house. When we pulled most of them down, they had $1 yard sale stickers on the back of them. I’m all for designing on a budget, but maybe don’t buy every $1 thing and put it on your wall… We also used an entire container of spackle filling the endless holes in the wall from these “decorations.”

Example of the terrible tiles everywhere in the house. These two were in the sunroom/patio

After an exhausting day 1 clearing stuff from the house, Levi and I blew up our air mattress. It didn’t take long to realize that it had a sizeable hole. We attempted to fix with painter’s tape, but it didn’t help much at all.

Our original sleeping arrangements for the next month or so after an hour. We probably should have checked for holes before…

We ended up sleeping on pillows, while Stormy our dog slept in his fancy dog bed. The first order of business on day 2 was to purchase some twin mattresses (hopefully on sale) that we would use for overflow sleeping in the future.

Our new sleeping arrangements – a “couch” bed during the day and “superbed” at night (Stormy approved)

As you can probably guess from the wall decorations, the previous owners had an interesting design aesthetic. We also took down super dated Roman Shades from the bedrooms, removed a TV ceiling holder that was designed for a 10-inch not-flatscreen TV (not even sure what these relics are called now-a-days), and removed a beaded entryway from the staircase. We also ripped out carpet from the OUTDOOR upstairs deck.

The carpet rolled up, along with my caption from Instagram Stories

Up next was painting – Levi and I are not big fans of the wood paneling. After getting quotes to drywall the entire house, we decided to paint the panels. Levi’s research suggested a double coat of a shellac primer (we’re using Zinsser B-I-N Interior Multi-Purpose Shellac Primer, which works great and smells awful). We decided to use a 3/8-inch nap roller for the upstairs panel, since it’s much smoother, but will probably need to switch to a 3/4-inch for the rougher downstairs paneling.

Levi priming the upstairs wood paneling (2020)

There were also a lot of little projects, like killing 4 million spiders and ants. Yes, Mom, I’m still scared of spiders – I prefer the “vacuum them up while screaming and let the vacuum run for 10 minutes” method.

In addition to all of the “manual” labor, we also tackled a lot of the administrative tasks, like getting our internet hooked up, planning every room, researching general contractors/electricians/exterminators, and ordering a new washer-dryer from Lowes.

There’s obviously A LOT still to accomplish and it sometimes it feels like we haven’t done anything… but we’re enjoying the journey!

Things We Purchased This Week: two twin mattresses from MattressFirm for when we realized our air mattress had a hole in it, lots of Zinsser B-I-N Interior Multi-Purpose Shellac Primer, lots of color options for the walls, a free bookcase from a local Buy Nothing group, a new washer and dryer because ours are from the 80s, one package of Clorox wipes (YES WE FOUND 1!!!), and new locks for the front door.

Weird Things We Googled this Week: how to get rid of bees, how expensive is it to depopcorn ceilings, redish brown kitchen sink faucet, mattress firm coupon, what is a trivet, how to clean paint brushes

Note: this post features “affiliate links” – so if you make a purchase from my link, I get a small commission. Promise to only recommend things I’ve purchased and loved myself!

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