Week 4: Settling In and Slowing Down

Not going to lie, we didn’t accomplish very much this week. Levi went back to North Carolina to visit his family and I had a girls weekend at the lake house. We planned on tackling some painting, but ended up lounging at the dock and drinking a lot of good tequila instead. It was the refresh that I needed – I struggle to slow down and not feel the need to achieve at all times… it’s a process.

Enjoying a beer on the dock with friends

In the early part of the week, Levi and I tackled putting together furniture… we completely forgot how miserable Ikea directions are. Right now we only have one screwdriver at the lake, so I left Levi to put together the desk chairs from Lowe’s and the desk components (trestle and draw units) from Ikea solo… sorry, Lev! A quick note, the desk chairs from Lowe’s almost always show as “out of stock” but they’re replenishing on a weekly basis. When I first bought the office chairs, I was only able to order one chair. I signed up for the Notify Me emails when the chair got restocked (yes I was panicking because having mismatched chairs was not what I wanted) – but it all worked out!

Levi putting together an Ikea drawer unit

While Levi put together the furniture, I worked on the free Ikea coffee table I got from the side of the road. Midway through painting, I decided that the gray I originally picked was a bit too light, so I ended up repainting in a darker gray. All that’s left is a polyurthathe coat and adhering the faux marble top. The bookcase is another story – I’ve been sanding and staining but am struggling to get the stain not streaky. To be honest, it’s probably time to get new stain (this one has been in our closet for a year+) but I’ll probably grab that when I’m at Lowe’s next week!

Things We Purchased This Week: nothing! It will probably be the only week that we’ll be able to say this!

Weird Things We Googled this Week: what are good tequila mixers, pizza places that deliver to me


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