Week 5: Planning the Kitchen

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time with our new friend Mike from the Lowe’s Kitchen Design department… but this week we finalized our kitchen design! Not going to lie, Levi and I were pretty intimidated to design the kitchen – after all, it’s a high traffic, high cost, andContinue reading “Week 5: Planning the Kitchen”

Designing the Office

Since Levi and I are working from home 100% for the foreseeable future, getting the office area work-ready was high on our priority list. The listing photo showed an awesome, huge office area – but when the homeowners moved the desk unit out, we realized we’d need to find a desk solution quickly (as IContinue reading “Designing the Office”

Week 1: Figuring Things Out

After closing on the house on Friday July 21st, Levi and I took a week off work to accomplish (what we soon realized as a very ambitious) to do list. Step one was clearing out some of the junk the previous homeowners left behind. We tossed a rusted outdoor table set, a broken wheelbarrow, andContinue reading “Week 1: Figuring Things Out”