Week 5: Planning the Kitchen

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time with our new friend Mike from the Lowe’s Kitchen Design department… but this week we finalized our kitchen design! Not going to lie, Levi and I were pretty intimidated to design the kitchen – after all, it’s a high traffic, high cost, andContinue reading “Week 5: Planning the Kitchen”

Week 4: Settling In and Slowing Down

Not going to lie, we didn’t accomplish very much this week. Levi went back to North Carolina to visit his family and I had a girls weekend at the lake house. We planned on tackling some painting, but ended up lounging at the dock and drinking a lot of good tequila instead. It was theContinue reading “Week 4: Settling In and Slowing Down”

Week 3: Unexpected Surprises

As Levi and I started to hit our grove with painting, we also tackled a couple other projects around the house that didn’t go quite as expected. First off – the office, which we’re guessing was an porch that the previous owners turned into an interior office/den. I outlined picking the office design in aContinue reading “Week 3: Unexpected Surprises”