How we found THE Tiger House

I grew up in my dad’s fixer uppers. Dilapidated houses give me a hero complex – “let me save you.” Unfortunately, my actual ability to fix said houses is nonexistent – so we’ve stayed safe in recently build condos and well maintained apartments. Still, Zillow is one of my favorite sites – I can lookContinue reading “How we found THE Tiger House”

Who are you + why did you buy a fixer upper?

When Levi and I bought a condo in 2015, we had to call our father-in-law to figure out how to change the wall plates/light switch covers in our house. Even right now, I Googled “light plate” to make sure that I was using the correct name (clearly I wasn’t). So how did we end upContinue reading “Who are you + why did you buy a fixer upper?”